Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Schedule of Pin and Ring and Graduation Ceremony 2013

April 2, 2013- Pin and Ring Ceremony for "K" Line cadets
April 3, 2013- Graduation Ceremony for "K" Line cadets
April 4, 2013- Pin and Ring Ceremony for regular Maritime students and Baccalaureate courses
April 5, 2013- Graduation Ceremony for regular Maritime students and Baccalaureate courses

Pin and Ring Ceremony- Bohol Tropics Resort
Graduation Ceremony- Cristal e-College Covered Court

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ce-C Student Leaders Support I Transform Campaign

Last December 1, 2012, student leaders from Cristal e-College joined the 125 delegates coming from 16 different organizations province-wide during the I Transform Campaign Youth Interact and Bayanitaktakan:  Forum on the UNMDGs and Youth Empowerment held at the Bohol Wisdom School AVR.

During the forum, the delegates were oriented about the 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals and what the youth of the Philippines can do to contribute.  As an action, the event ushered the launching of the 1st I Transform Campaign Catalyst Project wherein the Hambabauran Barangay High School in Ubay was chosen as beneficiary. Tagged as the HI 2013 (Hambabauran Initiative 2013), the project declares April 24, 2013 as the "I Transform Day" that aims to gather support through youth to youth partnership in building the school. 

ALL SMILES: Delegates pose after the success of the forum.

The 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG's) 

CeC Student Leaders with one of the guest speakers, Mr. Emmanuel Pilayre.

In white polo shirt, Mr. John Maraguinot, founder and president of YouthLEAD Philippines and
lead convener of the I Transform Campaign.


(I Transform! Campaign Consortium) YouthLEAD Philippines, Philippine Society of Young Good Citizens, Institute for Youth Development Affairs of the Philippines, World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific, Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal, Kabataang Inspirasyon ng Sambayanan, and the The Outstanding Students of the Philippines Alumni Community Region 7

(Partners Group) Red Cross Youth Bohol Chapter, Ubay Social Organization for New Initiatives, Bohol Alliance of Student Councils, Tagbilaran Children's Congress Council, and Rotaract Club of Panglao Island

For more information about YouthLEAD Philippines, I Transform Campaign, 8 UNMDGs, and the Hambabauran Initiative 2013 (HI 2013), follow the links below.



Support the initiative! https://www.facebook.com/events/564661763550106/?fref=ts
Contact via email: youthlead_philippines@yahoo.com

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

EdCriBA Conquers CeC Palaro 2012

After 5 days of athletic, academic, and musical competitions during the CeC Palaro 2012 last September 25-29,  EdCriBA Team (Education, Criminology and Business Administration) made a historic win against its 4 competitors-- MEAN (Marine Engineering and Nursing), IIAS (Informatics), Navigators (Marine Transportation), and HMD-Theology. To note, it is the team's first time to emerge as the Palaro's over-all champion making the victory one of its greatest achievement.

Garnering a total of 22 gold, EdCriBA indeed had a close competition with MEAN (21 gold) and IIAS (20 gold). However, considering the number of silver and bronze medals it earned, it is evident that the team is CeC Palaro's rightful champ.

CeC SSC President Benito Lopoy Jr. presents the P5,000 cash prize to the leaders of EdCriBA Team.
Bernadeth Abuhan (Education Dept Gov), Carlo Guivencan (Criminology Dept Gov), and Melvin Salinasal (Business Ad Dept Gov and Team Chairman) receives the P5,000 cash prize with the SSC Vice President Orlando Saplot.
Members of Team EdCriBA celebrates their momentous victory after 5 days of athletic, academic, and musical battle against 4 teams during the CeC Palaro 2012 held last September 25-29.
Sponge Bob Wins!: The Official Logo of EdCriBA Team which seems rejoicing for a destined victory.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 1st Phoenix Pub Workshop a Success!

The Phoenix: Official School Publication of Cristal e-College  conducted a successful whole-day workshop last August 11, 2012 at the Mini Function Hall, Cristal e-College for aspiring 2012-2013 Editorial Staff. The event was spearheaded by the senior staff, Hannah Adellit Rodriguez-Editor in Chief, Melvin Salinasal-Associate Editor, Stella Caroline Fernandez-Feature Editor, Giesella Joy Cagata-Cartoonist, and Joseph Ranel Cabagnot-Photographer with the new school publication adviser, Mr. Philogene Florita.

Participants of the 1st Phoenix Workshop together with speakers, Mrs. Jeanette Busano,  Mr. Philogene Florita, and EIC, Ms. Hannah Adellit Rodriguez

Mrs. Jeanette Busano on her topic, Feature Writing

Mr. Philogene Florita during his lecture, News and Sports Writing

Ms. Hannah Adellit Rodriguez, the EIC of The Phoenix,  gave a lecture on Editorial Writing

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Feature: I Transform! Young Leaders Convention BEST Visayas Wave

The  I Transform! Young Leaders Convention BEST Visayas Wave is an event that aims to introduce transformational leadership among Filipino young leaders and make them active partners in the pursuit of a socially-transformed Philippines. It seeks to address pressing social issues using transformative approach. The Convention comes as offshoot of the First BIDA (Building Initiatives for Desire  and Action) National Young Leaders Summit (FBNYLS) that took place in October 2011 where 30 youth and student organizations committed to do their active share in social transformation. The FBNYLS was held in line with the year-round sesquicentennial celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s birth. 

What is I Transform?

It is a youth-oriented campaign developed by YouthLEAD Philippines to advocate action among Filipino young leaders using the vehicle of transformational leadership. The  I Transform! Campaign moves in a two-pronged approach. First is the facilitation of self-transformation, hence the word “I”, as basic requisite to the higher goal of community transformation, which is the second. YouthLEAD Philippines believes that transformation begins in oneself and that every small gesture of positive change contributes to the bigger cause of social transformation. Furthermore, a coalition of young leaders’ groups will be formed after the  I Transform! Convention to map-out the initiatives that will be undertaken in specific areas in Visayas to promote the  I Transform! Campaign and to carry-out community-based actions guided by the development agenda that were adopted during the FBNYLS, namely; Synergy, Health, Education, Environment, and Peace.

As a Filipino young leader, why join?  

Become a part of the first and biggest assembly of young leaders on transformational leadership! The Convention is open to all young leaders aging 15 to 30, individually or those who belong to any youth and student organization across youth sub-sectors  like Sangguniang Kabataan, student governments, student publications, religious youth groups, campus organizations, NSTP-CWTS, NSTP-MS, among others. 

Learn from the best! The Convention will showcase renowned and multi-awarded transformational leaders and celebrities who will share inspiring stories of themselves and how their works transformed the lives of many Filipinos.
Experience a youth-friendly atmosphere that is transformative, fun, and exciting! The Convention is designed to be a dynamic point of learning and interaction for young leaders from sunset to sunrise – a time concept taken from the last plot of Rizal’s  Noli Me Tangere.  The Convention will feature solidarity dances, reflection activities, deepening workshops, and to embrace the new dawn, a solidarity concert by a popular youth band all the way from Manila!

Be inspired. Be empowered!  The Convention will facilitate exercises that will provoke young leaders to face their own giants, discover a new sense of purpose, and encounter a new and facilitative journey of believing, excelling, serving, and transforming. To guide the young leaders on the next steps, a formal document will be drawn – the I Transform! 2012 Bohol Visayas Declaration. 

Meet new friends and belong to a community of transformational leaders! The Convention will give young leaders the opportunity to link and build relationships with their counterparts from across Visayas. With  I Transform! Campaign, exciting opportunities for learning, growth, partnership and development exchanges shall await young leaders! 

See I Transform Young Leaders Convention Promotional Video:

For more information visit: